Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You only live once

“Paula thinks she knows alot about government, but she doesn't. Politics me off.”

My favorite.

Things are lookin' up. I am getting money...working a lot. School is almost done.
I cannot wait to sit in a comfy chair and just relax. Oh wait, I did that today at the lobby in Hilton Head Dentistry. I don't mean that kind of comfy chair though.

Picture of the day.

Too bad I can't go to this camp over the summer. Stupid USTA States Tournament.

Well I'm starting to realize talking to fellow humans about [lame] problems does me a world of good so I should keep it up. Not that I didn't before. It's just becoming apparent as the hours of summer approach us.

P.S. You only live once.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So this is the beginning

Why am I even writing one of these?
I guess it's inspired by dickie since he has one and I'm on the internet more than enough. I might as well type things that like four people will end up reading...worth it? I suppose.
I mean who really listens to anyones problems or thoughts anymore anyway? Texting and facebook has taken over my life to where that is my means of communication for most of those who I care about. That should probably change soon. Cuz that's just silly.

Unspeakably Nonsense. That's basically my mind and how it works. I don't say a lot of what I think because I either can't put it into words or don't feel like sounding stupid that day. One or the other.

Thanks for taking the time to [start to?] read my blog.

All we need is some icecream and a hug.