Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sexy Voice

Who knew that The Diner gives discounts to the police officers and who knew that MiTierras gives you sombreros to wear if they like you? Not I. That led me to thinking how I would run my restaurant. I would would probably give discounts to whoever would sing to me. And if any male had a really good singing voice and was single I would give him his meal for free, and then tell him I needed his cell phone number and email for a drawing of a free movie ticket and then smoothly use that to call him later in the night and lure him in with my amazing way with words. Then we would get married and he would sing to me every night and it will be great. Kind of like that man to the left of all these words. Michael. He has a sexy voice like no other. That also leads me to think that I should go into the singing business so I can meet my husband who can sing to me. Because that's all that matters in a husband. But not really. Ha, that's funny because significant others should be able to do a lot more than that. But that topic is meant for another blog rather than this one. Night.

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