Wednesday, January 6, 2010


"Crasher Seal Photobombs Group of Penguins"


So today was average. Not bad...not good. I'm trying so hard to follow through with my resolution of not getting defensive and annoyed. It's not easy. I'm tired. I'm glad people are getting blogs. And I'm finding people's blogs. I enjoy reading them.

My day wasn't really notable at all that I can think of. Nothing happened out of the ordinary. I turned extremely RED today in class but that happens to me a lot. Some kid was cheating on a test with my textbook because he asked me for it at the beginning of class and then teach was like MAH MAH MAHHH marissa's book! then everyone stared at me and pointed out that I was turning red. That didn't help. I just got redder. One hispanic kid even yelled rojo. Idiots. all of them. Or maybe I was the idiot for giving the kid my textbook. Who really cares.


So... There's this thing that I have thought for a long time ever since like freshman year but I convinced myself I was crazy. But now it's like ...the cool thing to think so I can't think it anymore because thats what everyone's thinking. Knew this would happen. CHILD.

Milk chug is gross. I mean I'm sorry. If I didn't hate throw up, I would be all for it. I mean who isn't up for a little friendly, chunky competition?

Shoot. I have to go write an essay. Dr. R says the darndest things. Let's start a show of all the fun things she says. But wait we can't do that because ...we just can't. I'm lazy. My eyelids are getting heavy.

Yours until pigs fly,


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  1. I'm really glad someone yelled rojo. OUR ISLAND IS SOO MULTICULTURAL isn't it great!?!?