Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fat Chances

Ooooooh, a 2010 tab arrow thing in the archive. WOAH.

New decade. It feels like yesterday when the computers were supposed to blow up at the turn of the century. I was seven. Time sure does fly. I can only imagine how close 2020 is going to be. I hear as you get older, time goes by faster. Joy.

I usually make new years resolutions that I end up forgetting about, but I haven't this year. I guess my biggest resolution is to become a little less defensive with people. I don't know where it has come from, but I've been super edgy and defensive... that's gotta stop. I also would love to do sit ups every day. Maybe if I blog that thought it might happen. Fat chance. But it was a good thought.

Shout out to Cranium, that board game. Played it the other day....won. Go Team Marissa and Charlie! My favorite part was when charlie described an actor as "In an ice skating movie and not funny anymore"...I immediately got Will Ferrel. Golden.

The cold weather is great; I'm not used to it at all, but I really don't mind it. Running from my car to my house was kind of fun. ...Even though I partly ran because I have a creepy neighborhood (not really) and it was dark. Either way, though.

Good luck at school. Happy year :]

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